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Easypass Driver Training

  • Single lessons. One hour duration, door to door,(work to home, school to home, home to home)
    suitable for full test or conversion of overseas licence. We can asses your driving and advise on how much practice you require to pass your full test.
  • Five lesson plan,
    (we give a 5% discount for booking and paying for five lessons)
    Most suitable for students preparing for the Restricted test who have learnt with parents or friends and want to polish skills before their test.
  • Ten Lesson plan.
    (We give a 10% discount to students booking and paying for ten lessons)
    Suitable for students who have never driven before or who have just been in car parks with Mum and Dad.
    we can cover everything required for the restricted test in ten lessons but please note, N.Z.T.A. recommends 120 hours of driving before the restricted test.
  • Email us from our "contact us" page for prices and latest offers.

Easypass Teaches "Safe Driving For Life"

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